Bohlabela District

Mainroad next to Government Garage and Graveyard, Thulamahashe, 1365
Private Bag X 1313, Thulamahashe, 1365
Tel: 013 773 0334  |  Fax: 013 773 0760

Welcome to Bohlabela District, Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport. The Department is the custodian of public infrastructure including transport and other related functions such as the coordination of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and Scholar Transport within the District.

At the helm of the District is Mr DD Chiloane, who is the Acting District Head. The District has a staff complement of about 603 adequately trained men and women who specialize in various fields from administration to engineering stationed in various cost centres throughout the District.


– Providing Plant Services
– Rendering Building Infrastructure Services
– Property Management Services
– Maintaining Provincial Proclaimed Roads
– Managing EPWP Projects
– Rendering Public Transport Service
– Managing Cost Centres of the District
– Providing Municipal Services at Pilgrims’ Rest


Sabie Hospital
Mr K Kristen
Chief Artisan: Building Maintenance
082 924 0983

Sabie Cost Centre
Mr NR Mgiba
Principal Road Superintendent
076 410 3170

Matibidi Hospital Cost Centre
Mr Morele
Foreman Artisan
083 697 3672

Mashishing Cost Centre
Mr JH Seopela
Principal Road Superintendent
076 752 5199

Mashishing Hospital
Mr P Mabaso
Artisan: Electrical
083 588 7286

Pilgrims’ Rest Cost Centre
Ms P Makhubedu
Deputy Director
071 865 2128

Acornhoek Cost Centre
Mr L Mthabini
Chief Artisan
076 113 1586

Thaba Chweu Cost Centre
Mr FS Nguni
Chief Artisan Foreman
083 285 6878

Malamule Cost Centre
Mr R Ratau
Principal Road Superintendent
083 555 6648   |   071 179 5579

Chochocho Cost Centre
Ms TL Qibi
Acting Road Superintendent
072 018 1102   |   063 473  2520

Godide Cost Centre
Ms N Mabunda
Principal Road Superintendent
082 930 4286