Our Programmes


Administration serves as a support function to the other programmes, namely: Roads Infrastructure, Public Transport and Traffic Management, Property and Facility Management and Community Based Programme. Services that are rendered by this programme are: Communication, Legal Services, Internal Audit, Special Programme and Transformation, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Integrated Planning, Financial Management Services, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management as well as Government Motor Transport.

Public Works Infrastructure

The programme is responsible for the provision, management and maintenance of provincial building infrastructure and equipment. It is also responsible for the provision of project management services to client departments to ensure that new capital projects are implemented effectively.

Transport Infrastructure

The main functions of this programme are to provide and maintain the provincial road network. It is responsible for maintenance of road network and bridges in the province. The programme executes the functions through planning, design, maintenance and construction-sub programmes.

Transport Operations

Transport Operations is mandated to provide affordable, safe, reliable and sustainable transport system as well as the implementation of the taxi recapitalization project. The restructuring of bus subsidy system to incorporate taxis, the revitalization of provincial freight rail network and investigation into the introduction of passenger rail services as well as promotion of non-motorized transport are all key programmes implemented. The programme consists of transport planning, public transport infrastructure, regulation and control, empowerment and institutional management, operator safety and compliance, office of the registrar and office of the operating licensing board.

Community Based Programmes

The Expanded Public Works Programme in the province consists of the following sub-programme EPWP co-ordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, Enterprise Development and Training as well as National Youth Service.