Ehlanzeni District

No. 14 Bester Street, Mbombela, 1200
Private Bag X 11226, Mbombela, 1200
Tel: 013 762 5600   |   Fax: 013 753 2540

Welcome to Ehlanzeni District, Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport. The Department is the custodian of public infrastructure including transport and other related functions such as the coordination of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and Scholar Transport within the District.

At the helm of the District is Mr L Mamaro, who is the Acting District Head. The District has a staff complement of about 389 adequately trained men and women who specialize in various fields from administration to engineering stationed in various cost centres throughout the District.


– Providing Plant Services
– Rendering Building Infrastructure Services
– Property Management Services
– Maintaining Provincial Proclaimed Roads
– Managing EPWP Projects
– Rendering Public Transport Service
– Managing Cost Centres of the District


Mbombela Cost Centre
Mr A Mhlongo
Road Superintendent
081 756 4462

Mr S Mpangane
Chief Artisan
083 652 3863

Malekutu Cost Centre
Mr A Nyathikazi
Road Superintendent
082 443 6372

Mr P Mashilane
Chief Artisan
082 441 6045

Tonga Cost Center
Mr A Matikwane
Road Superintendent
082 574 1300

Mr P Magagula
Chief Artisan
082 498 1730

Driekoppies Cost Centre
Mr SF Mabuza
Road Superintendent
076 779 9369

Umjindi Cost Centre
Mr S Dlamini
Road Superintendent
072 175 8182

Ms MK Seoke
Chief Artisan
076432 2094