“An integrated transport system and infrastructure that promotes socio-economic development.”


To effectively and efficiently implement all mandates relating to :

  • asset and property management
  • public and freight transport
  • roads and building infrastructure to the benefit of all end-users.

Core Values

  • Service:Excellence An exceptional service delivery is required to attain the goals of the Department.
  • Innovation:Is required to ensure that the processes utilized remain state of the art and allows the Department to attain its goals.
  • Diversity: Accepting and acknowledging the cultural mix of its community.
  • Team Work:Continuously cooperating and collaborating with all spheres of government and stakeholders
  • Best Practice: Applying international best practice methods and good corporate governance in dealings
  • Loyalty: Expressing allegiance to community, central government and the people of South Africa
  • Value for Money: All the customers paying for the real value attained

Departmental Strategic Goal

  • Strategic Goal 1
    • To provide, manage and maintain building and road infrastructure.
  • Strategic Goal 2
    • To provide effective transport management.
  • Strategic Goal 3
    • To coordinate the implementation of EPWP 3 in the Province.
  • Strategic Goal 4
    • To manage resources prudently
  • Strategic Goal 5
    • To improve our internal systems and procedures.